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Welcome to
ALC Marketing Co.




I invite you to use the menu at the top of this page to navigate through my portfolio of work. These assets are just single elements of the greater marketing strategies in place. Through these campaigns, I have been able to achieve concrete growth across departments, while ensuring cohesive brand identities and creating compelling narratives.

On this site you can get a glimpse of the deliverables that stem from these marketing initiatives, including public relations and value drivers, video work, design files, and beyond.


About ALC Marketing Co.


In today’s consumer environment, marketing and communications expertise is critical to ensuring a company’s sustainment and revenue growth.

I have the experience needed across digital and print media to integrate marketing campaigns and quickly enhance a brand. I have personally created compelling collateral to influence buyers when launching new products and enhancing existing services, boosting client base and sales volume. Additionally, I have proven results leading creative teams toward organizational goals within tight deadlines and budgets.

Not only am I a motivated self-starter who loves the challenge of communicating a company's value, but I take great pride in creating meaningful content that helps people while building an emotional connection. I am passionate about positively impacting this world and the lives of those around me.

Career Highlights


Drove 8.7% YoY increase in appropriate referrals from physicians by writing and designing compelling content for comprehensive physician referral development campaign.


Increased lead generation by 35% and attained $1.1M in direct sales through development and implementation of innovative digital communications strategy.


Boosted visitor time on website landing pages 90% through well-executed digital strategy and effective deployment of social media content to grow revenue and convert site visitors to customers.


Grew social media followings by 148% on LinkedIn; 54% on Facebook; 59% on YouTube; and 40% on Twitter over a 12-month period.


Orchestrated and executed company’s first fully virtual product launch resulting in pipeline of 40+ opportunities within six weeks and more than $500,000 in closed sales in under three months.


Formulated actionable insights derived from in-depth data analysis to accelerate open and click-through rates and information retention for marketing campaigns, achieving 60% increase in open rates.

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